July 1st, 2008


The Revolution Will Be Catalogued

Because I clearly needed another project, and because the only thing I'm more addicted to than theatre is raw information, I signed on as a tester/editor/researcher for the Chicago Theater Database, the brainchild of actor/blogger Dan Granata and sound designer/mad genius Nick Keenan.

I am currently traveling the vast seas of the Internet in a small fishing vessel, trolling with a large net, gathering names and dates and logos. The project is taking off at a very good time for Chicago's theatre scene, recently flush with success and recognition off of not only Steppenwolf's recent award-winning smash production of August: Osage County, but also with Big Apple transplants of Next Theatre's The Adding Machine and Theatre Oobleck's The Strangerer...as it is, the time is ripe to take stock of where we as a community have been, where we currently are, and where we are ultimately going. But the hope is that this is ultimately a helpful resource, not just another way for us to deposit fingerprints on the web and prove that we exist.

I don't run marathons because I hate running and because I think it's strange to emulate activities in which the first participant dropped dead upon completing them.

But I do understand the mentality that compels one to commit themselves to a seemingly insurmountable task, one that could take an intolerably long time to finish. And I have always held that I am best utilized as a specialist of sorts, the sort of individual who absorbs an assignment and then executes, which is essentially what I'm doing now.

Of course, I'm not the only person at work on this. But part of my insanity is that I go at these things as if I were.
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