July 21st, 2008


Existential Crises for Children.

Somebody with more entitlement issues than common sense brought their infant child to a showing of The Dark Knight yesterday. Surprisingly, they had to leave about midway through the movie because the baby wouldn't stop crying.

This is not difficult. You have enough money to have a child and to buy a ticket to a movie theater; ergo, you can find some room in your budget to hire a sitter.

Now, if traumatizing your child with weighty moral discussions delivered from the sneering, self-inflicted scars of a psychopathic clown is what you were aiming for, I can understand that this was your golden opportunity.

But next time, maybe you should just let your child and the sitter sit and watch this clip from Claymation's 1985 Banned TV Special The Adventures of Mark Twain instead: