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Say it ain't so, O.

It's a game.

I know it's a game.

Principles get tossed into the kitty along with the rest of your stake, and the people who refuse to wager them against the house are often those who end up going home with nothing gained. I'm not going to be indignant about most compromises a politician has to make, whether or not he's running for election, because I'm aware that the system requires one to swallow their principles time after time.

But Senator, really.

A Yes vote.

A YES VOTE on that outrageous bill?!

And perhaps, yes, the cost-benefit was weighed in terms of the fact that his Republican opponent is a possible glass-jawed contender, and that in a comparison of the two only a fool would vote for McCain. Perhaps his campaign judged that those of us angry at him over this can't see ourselves allowing the alternative to happen, at any cost.

But I was looking forward to voting for you, Mr. Obama. Not voting against McCain.

I can't say for sure that he can't find some redemption for this debacle later on down the line, even if I consider this vote nearly as unconscionable as Mrs. Clinton's vote to authorize the war in 2002. I can't say that I no longer think of him as a candidate of great promise and intelligence.

But I can say that if I feel these things by November, this would be the moment when my echoing sigh of resignation first escaped my throat.
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